FINEO® – the insulating glass with high added value

FINEO® is much more than glass technology. It is pure comfort.

The groundbreaking vacuum insulating glazing not only enables exceptional energy savings, but also combines extremely high thermal insulation with impressive noise reduction and unparalleled sustainability in one outstanding product. FINEO® easily outperforms and outlasts ordinary insulating glass.

This thin vacuum insulating glass features an elegant, sleek look and maximizes the use of sunlight and solar energy. FINEO® insulates as well as triple glazing, but is lighter and thinner, which means it can be installed in existing window frames. This often makes FINEO® the most cost-effective solution for renovation and restoration projects.

But that’s not all! FINEO® is also a sustainable investment: not only is it 100% recyclable, it has no inert gases or organic seals, which means it will not deteriorate over time. FINEO® has a market-leading 15-year warranty and an even much longer life expectancy.

A new level of comfort


Warm and cozy

FINEO® insulating glass feels much warmer than conventional single or double glazing. Why? FINEO’s extremely good U-value means the inner pane is warmer, which in turn minimizes drafts and cold radiation.


Clear, natural daylight

Because FINEO is so thin, you benefit from more daylight than with triple glazing. You can enjoy more natural light – especially during the darker months.


The new benchmark for sound insulation

With FINEO®, you can relax in peace, a world away from all the noise and bustle. FINEO provides superior traffic noise reduction, easily outperforming other glazing products typically installed.


UV Protection

Prevent illness from harmful UV rays by installing products from the FINEO® safety program. FINEO® blocks at least 99% of UV radiation. Radiation that can also cause fading of your home furnishings.

Intelligent refurbishment

FINEO® insulating glass allows you to adapt the latest glass technology to different situations. For example, both south-facing glass facades and north-facing windows and roof glazing can benefit from solar control, acoustic or safety glass. The wide FINEO® product range always enables an intelligent, tailor-made response.

Optimal use of solar energy

FINEO® makes optimal use of the sun’s energy. This means that you need less heating energy in winter. The optimal transfer of solar energy enables comfortable indoor temperatures all year round.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Excellent thermal insulation and optimal use of solar heat means less energy needed for heating. Not only do you conserve fossil fuels, but you also reduce nitrogen emissions and particulate matter. In this way, you contribute to the well-being of mankind and help the environment.