Our experience has grown for 30 years –
from A – Z in the glass construction industry

From the initial consultation, through purchasing, to turnkey handover

Global Glassworld was founded in 2011 by Markus Rumpf. Global Glassworld works independently of manufacturers and offers a wide range of services from consulting, delivery to the “turnkey” installation of facades and objects with the material glass. For each prospective customer Global Glassworld offers a professional solution with lasting increase in value. Starting with the building owner, the architect, the facade consultant, the glass processor, the general contractor, the metal worker or window builder. Individual product solutions are realized with great know-how of markets and cross-company manufacturing chains.

About Markus Rumpf

Mr. Rumpf started his career at Saint-Gobain in the late eighties. The fascination of the material and the entire glass network have accompanied him with great passion until today. He gained his knowledge and experience with the major players in the industry. At the leading glass groups Saint-Gobain and the Swiss company Glas Trösch, Mr. Rumpf has successfully realized numerous well-known large-scale projects in responsible positions.

References and experience

Most recently, Mr. Rumpf worked as a sales manager at seele sedak for the most demanding individual glass and facade solutions. Well-known customer projects as well as special solutions for aviation companies meant being able to help shape the entire range of glass as a material and successfully implement it on a project-related basis.

Network as the key to success

In all positions, the interaction of all project participants has always been of decisive importance for success. This grown, unique network of customers, suppliers and other project partners, combined with the best glass know-how, is the key to success for GGW’s customers.

Portrait Markus Rumpf