Sentryglass Rollstock SG-Jumbo

The SentryGlas film from DuPont has so far been produced in rolls with a maximum width of 1.83m and will in future be produced in larger widths with a thickness of 0.89mm. With our technology we offer welding and cutting of SG film as roll goods to any width.

We organize welding of your goods in any width.

SentryGlas film from DuPont has been produced in rolls with maximum width of 1.83m and will be produced in larger width with thickness of 0.89mm in the future. With our technology, we offer the welding and cutting of SG film as roll goods to any width.

This means that welded basic rolls are available in widths from 2.36m to 3.28m (3.58m). The advantages for our customers of using wide or made-up or cut-to-size roll stock are also in the processing.

Advantages of this innovative new product

  • The laminated glass sheets with welded Sentry glass rolls can be produced in standard laminating lines for PVB films. The personnel effort can be reduced significantly, since no individual film bags have to be built around the laminated glass panes as is the case with sheet goods.
  • The frequent defects (air inclusions and visible stripes) that can occur when laminating butted sheet material are completely eliminated.
  • In the case of multilayer films, the cutting process eliminates the need for difficult manual trimming.
  • The films can be cut to the desired roll width for the end customer with a dimensional accuracy of about 3mm during welding. This also eliminates the need to cut the film on the longitudinal edge for glass swords, for example.
  • The speed of production is multiplied!
  • Storage space can be significantly reduced.
  • The transport and handling of roll material causes much less effort than the transport of large format sheets.
  • We also weld residual strips into new rolls, so that disposal is partly unnecessary.

Welding technology and weld properties

In order to guarantee a continuous welded joint, we have developed a completely new welding process, for which we have filed a patent application. The generated weld seam creates a strong, elastic and resilient connection between the individual foils. The weld seam has a strength comparable to that of the SG film itself. It is only visible in the unprocessed state. After lamination, the weld is completely invisible. The welding technology has been extensively tested in roll pre-laminating and bag building processes.

Quality assurance/quality control/warranty

We offer our customers the possibility to have their roll goods tested for moisture content immediately after opening the airtight packaging and/or before packaging in our company. (Carl Fischer titration). We do not test the film for lamination, contamination or damage. We will of course inform our customers immediately of any abnormalities in the film or packaging.

  • In our welding process, continuous control of the weld is performed.
  • Welding is performed in an air-conditioned clean room.
  • The films are wound onto a PVC tube in the clean room and packed airtight.
  • They are usually prepared for shipment in stackable packages.

We handle the roll goods with the utmost care, they are only “wrapped” and can not be damaged or soiled in the process. We disclaim any warranty in this regard and especially the film properties themselves and for products (laminates) from it. It is imperative to comply with the WPK of the foreman according to DuPont. We provide warranty only for the warranted properties of the weld seam, but not for the laminated weld seam. The laminability of the weld seam is ensured by sample laminates in the customer’s plant and must be verified by the customer by sample laminates in case of modification or for new lamination processes or modified laminate setups. Please also refer to our General Terms and Conditions on the Internet.

Our services

  • We weld two rolls together to make a wider roll. (Note offcut)
  • We cut roll goods to the desired width (tolerance approx. 3mm)
  • We weld residual strips together. (Note offcut)
  • We cut roll goods to the desired length.

The beginning of the film is attached to the winding core with adhesive tapes, so that this contact area of approx. 50mm over the entire width must not be used under any circumstances. During welding, there is also a waste of approx. 80mm in the width of the roll goods, i.e. over the entire roll length. In the length about 2.5m (beginning and end) are not welded.

Basic rolls Manufacturable widths Roll length
1,22+1,22 2,36 197,5 (+2,5)
1,22+1,53 2,67 197,5 (+2,5)
1,53+1,53 2,98 197,5 (+2,5); 47,5 (+2,5)
1,22+1,83 2,97 197,5 (+2,5)
1,53+1,83 3,28 197,5 (+2,5)
1,83+1,83 3,58 197,5 (+2,5)

When making up roll goods, there is no waste. The goods are rolled onto a winding core and can be unrolled in strips. The roll goods are usually wound onto a new winding core made of PVC. However, winding cores can also be exchanged for a comparable winding core free of charge. If no required winding core is supplied, two different standard lengths can be purchased from us, which can be cut to length if necessary.

We offer to continue using the original DuPont transport crates by assembling them into one long crate (two into one). Or you can send us crates from other manufacturers, e.g. reusable crates. Be sure to check with us whether the new winding core and the finished Sentry glass roll will also fit into the transport crate supplied.

We will be happy to advise you. We look forward to hearing from you.